The Gone Johnson Revue

Cory P. McDaniel and Gone Johnson

Cory P. McDaniel and Gone Johnson

In August 2008, McDaniel revisited the Seattle area and in a manner reminiscent of the Blues Brothers movie… “got the band back together”

These are the remnants of some Seattle bands of ancient times; “Butterfat” and “Earthquake and the Tremors” etcetera…

The principal players are:
Donnie Teasdale percussion, vocals and mandolin.
Ed Rooney bass and smart-alecky remarks.
Billy Reed keys and vocals,
and last but definitely not least Bill Frazer lap steel, guitar, soundman, photographer, recording engineer and auto mechanic who was captured and taken hostage from his hidden lair in the deep woods of the Northwest.

To keep things interesting and cozy there are guest appearances from the legendary Daddy Treetops and Easy Eddie King.

“Gone Johnson” was an old expression alluding to the mental deterioration of a person and does not infer that these fellows have no Johnson.

The Gone Johnson Revue continues to provide unhinged and misguided entertainment for the great Northwest.

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