Cory P. McDaniel

Cory P McDaniel

Cory P McDaniel

Cory McDaniel is a singer, song writer and guitarist born on the high plains surrounded by the Rocky Mountains in the western United States.

He was “always in traveling rock bands,” but wandered into a love of the blues at age seventeen. While playing clubs in Colorado with a fake ID he was exposed to the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Cory was first inspired by the Big Band sounds his parents played at home and then came Paul Butterfield, Muddy Waters, and Howlin Wolf. Later on Oingo Boingo’s Danny Elfman, Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen heavily influenced his song writing and arranging.

This all leads to what is best described as Americana or American roots music… except for the European influence that crept in from his tours across the pond.

The Eddies, the teenager’s first encounter with professional players, morphed into a power trio the K.C. Sympathy Orchestra and then into Butterfat the group that eventually landed in Seattle and opened for acts like Jesse Young and the Youngbloods and Janis Joplin.

Then Jesse Young’s harp player spawned the infamous Earthquake and the Tremors who rocked, shocked and entertained most of the west coast until the arrests were made.

In 1985, after a five year jaunt to Alaska with the rock band Aftershock he returned to Wyoming joining forces with Dale Bohren to form the core of The Tremors.

Still gamely after all these years, “Wyoming’s Only Two Piece Trio”, is making records, touring Europe and staying creative as is witnessed in their live 2010 recording with Cornucopia a five piece French Horn Ensemble.

In 2005, he was asked to perform at the Mettmann Blues Festival in Mettmann, Germany as a soloist. Bluesweek organizer Wolfgang Pieker said McDaniel was “sensationally good,” and added that although not all musical solo tours are successful, “with Cory McDaniel, you can be sure of an aura that was present at the Tremors’ shows of the past.” This European tour set in motion the desire to move forward as a soloist. Since then he has performed at a variety of venues in Germany and the USA.

In 2007 a trip to the Northwest reunited the surviving players of the Seattle days and the birth of The Gone Johnson Revue. This five to nine piece group tours biannually and recorded a live CD in Wyoming 2009.

Closer to his Wyoming home The CREW was employed in late 2009 and works locally as a foursome and as back-up band for top rate entertainers like Sax Gordon Beadle and songwriter Jeff Finlin.

He says, “Working as a songwriter, soloist and playing with The Crew, The Tremors, and The Gone Johnson Revue keeps me busy, traveling, and surrounded by good and talented people. Life is good, it says so on my shirt!”

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